Puppy Preschool

Hinterland Veterinary Surgery offers a 4 week Puppy preschool class with a
fresh class starting every month.

Socialisation, handling and training of a puppy is critical between the ages of 8-16 weeks. This time is the most important period of development and your puppy will learn to accept almost anything providing it is a positive experience. The main reason dogs are surrendered and
euthanised are due to behavioural problems.

Our aim at Puppy Preschool is to prevent these unwanted behaviours through teaching basic training, socialisation and puppy husbandry so your puppy can have a long and well-behaved life.
Hinterland Veterinary Surgery runs Puppy Preschool on a Thursday night from 6-7pm.
It is necessary to book in as numbers per class are limited! Call us now on 55781099 to register your puppy.

Currently Puppy Preschool classes are cancelled due to Corona Virus and distancing restrictions. We look forward to continuing them in the near future.


(07) 5578 1099

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